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Michel Van de Walle Greenhouses:
Servicing our customers for more than 50 years

TThe beginning of the Van de Walle greenhouses

Both born from gardener parents that flowed their products in public markets, Vital and Simone Van de Walle left the city with a dream to live in a small town and follow their parents’ steps by build production greenhouses.

It’s in the town of St-Zotique, West of Montreal island, very close to the Ontario border that they build their first glass greenhouse in order to cultivate annual flower plants. After they chose to invest their energy in the production of vegetables like peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts. Together, they flowed the Central Market in Montreal with their products. As they wished, they were falling in their parents’ footsteps.

More than 50 years of growth

A second generation to keep the business going

Over the years, Vital and Simonne Van de Walle had three children: Michel, Diane, and Denis. In 1980, they sold the enterprise to their oldest son, Michel. With the help of his wife Joyce, He continued to develop the business. Diane and Denis also help to assure continued success. Over time the vegetable production was slowed down for annual flowers and gardening vegetables and fine herbs.

Michel Van de Walle greenhouses of St-Zotique now has 39 greenhouses and offers a plethora of new products to its customers.

Whether it’s to furnish your flower beds, your flower boxes, or your garden you’ll find what you need that Michel Van de Walle Greenhouses inc. Top quality plants, soil, décor: everything is there. The enterprise also ensures wholesale sales of annual flowers and vegetable plants to their local garden centers along with the Eastern region of Ontario.

The transmission of passion

The third generation is now taking over the family business

Today, Vital and Simonne are octogenarians. Still ignited by the same passion, the couple often goes to the greenhouses to help out. Today it is Michel and his son Shawn, supported by multiple family members that run the business that is constantly growing.

All the devoted employees work to develop superior quality plants all the while having a minimum impact on the environment.

At Michel Van de Walle Greenhouses, you will find exceptional annuals, original flower arrangements, and vegetables and fine herbs for your garden, all while being served with a great smile with the tips of our experts.